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To sleep, purchance to dream – okay I would settle for not smelling vomit! August 6, 2007

Posted by dreamom in Life.

Having a young infant you tend to perma-smell like spit up. Not my favourite thing in life – but I will get through it for the love of my little one. A few days ago my two year old started randomly throwing up, and since I was busy with things concerning the death of my grandmother, and the post-op care of my baby sister – I really didn’t pay it too much attention. She still ate. She still played. Maybe it was the heat?

Then Saturday night my husband comes down from putting Libby in bed, and LEFT HER IN HER BED CRYING! A huge thing – that I have been campaigning for. My excitement was short-lived when I then heard him vomiting in the bathroom. I guess it wasn’t the heat.

Tonight Kyle has been up visiting the bathroom, and gravol just can’t fight it (I have tried!) He is very matter-of-fact about it, and is praying in earnest that God will help his tummy feel better. Okay. So I feel like I did something right.

Yet all I can think is – I have not thrown up. I have not had diahrrea. I am next! Which leaves me feeling like the Israelites with the passover. You moms know what I am talking about! We rationalize that we are too valuable to the working of the house to be put out of commission! Oh well. I need to head to bed in the hopes that sleep will over-power the bug, and that I will indeed be spared. But I am not counting on it!



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