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The Big Move March 16, 2008

Posted by dreamom in Goals, Life.

I was first introduced to the world of blogging by a good friend. That was good for a while, but I got tired of the day to day dribble, and soon Facebook took over that part of my life. Now what…

With a husband in school, and looking after 3 kiddies at home I found my self envious of the very thing that my husband was trying to force himself to do. Writing. I offered to write his thesis for him, but it turns out it helps to know something about the effects of temperature and moisture on nitrogen availability to write the thesis. Who knew 😉

I had a friend that had a Blogger blog. She loved the different writing challenges she was involved with, and loved the opportunity to write. Sounded great! I stayed for a while – never got involved, and found that it didn’t address the part of me that needed something.

One day I was looking for help in a message board. I found someone there that has already profoundly changed my life, and my blog location…

As a girl one of my favorite books was Anne of Green Gables. In it there is a part where Anne is excited beyond belief to find a kindred spirit. That is what I feel like when it comes to my friend Birdy.

We are alike in many ways. We both love to sing (her better than I), we both love our kids, we both love our husbands, we both love the Lord, we both have had struggles with our families of origin, we both have issues with routines and organization (how we met), we both have issues with weight, and the list goes on and on. In other ways we are wildly different. She was born in a foreign country, I have never had the need for a passport. She cooks with curry, and I hate the smell of it (sorry!). She is traditional in ways that I am granola crunching, and visa versa.

Somehow, despite these things, or because of these things she has an amazing impact on me. I know that our friendship has caused a disruption in her schedules and life, and I am trying to give her space to keep her life her own. I also fall into funks when I feel like she gives me more than I give her. She hates it when I do that though. She would rather serve as encouragement than to increase my negative self-talk.

As I make my move to the WordPress community we also are embarking on an adventure together. My code name – GI Jane. 🙂



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