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Easter March 23, 2008

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This Easter weekend was a bit different than some.  We did not have ham, or scalloped potatoes which bothered some people.  DS7 was away, and we always miss him.  We know that he was not taken to church today, since his Dad’s family is too busy with meals to squeeze it in…  Kind of backwards huh?  I worry about DS7 as he gets older and church is ignored by his Dad’s side during the religious celebrations…  Everyone can pray that God will speak to my DS7’s heart, and that he will choose the right path, when the other option is so closely presented to him.

As Easter is upon us, I am facing it with a different perspective as well.  I have been a Christian for a long time – since I was thirteen, but as Christ transformed me back then, I find myself looking for him to do it again.  Although the physical changes are the obvious ones, I have also been looking to Christ to transform my thinking, my habits, my motives.  I have certainly been feeling him working.  It is remarkable the little moments I have found to fellowship with God, when I felt like my days were too busy.  It is remarkable the way that I am feeling more connected to my husband, family, God,…  I know that it is just the beginning.  I need to take the excitement of those moments and turn them into action.  I believe that God will bless that action and plant more seeds in me to grow more.

This spring has been a refreshing one, and as we here in Canada slowly melt as spring comes upon us, I am feeling a huge cloud pass over me.  I am reaching for the warm sun, and doing what I can to throw off the darkness that winter brought with it.  I am so excited to watch the blooms that God is planning for me in the coming months and year.



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