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The Next Step June 11, 2008

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On Monday my husband and I were squandering our meager funds by having lunch at MacDonald’s. I decided to run over to Rietman’s to get some have decent shorts, as we had been suffering a major heatwave here and all I had were a couple skirts, and yoga capris. Not exactly suitable for day to day stuff… The plan was that my family would finish up eating, and pick me up.

I am in the change room, taking much longer than I had anticipated, and Kevin calls my cell. I assumed that he was calling to rush me. Instead he shared with me that the fellow with whom he has been communicating with about a job in Manitoba called. It turns out that he was going to be in London at a meeting, and wanted Kevin to meet him there the next day if that was reasonable. He described it as “unorthodox” and an “informal chat” with him and his boss.

I was ecstatic! We were both getting antsy about the interview never happening, because it had been over a week since the deadline to apply for the job. Suddenly the interview was the next day! Needless to say we did some quick prep, and today it was off for London.

After the interview Kevin wrote down as many of the questions he could remember. The “informal chat” was 1.5 hours of typical, and difficult interview questions. The only informal thing was that they were not wearing suits! Any way we went over his answer and it really seems like he nailed it. I am so proud. Even if he doesn’t get it, he has done his best, and he did a tremendous job. Right now all I can say is that it is in God’s hands. It has been there all the time of course, but we have both tried to do our best when action was required. I really pray that this is God’s plan for us. It would change our lives…



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