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Jumping in with Both Feet September 19, 2008

Posted by dreamom in family, Home, Life, Parenting.

As I listened to my neighbours talk about their new schedule of working and school, I had a brilliant idea.  I could babysit their kids!  Later I came in the house and told DH that I offered my services.  He was dubious, but supportive.

All in all it has been going great.  The girls are not bad (although they have spent some time testing the boundaries).  It is even forcing us into a bit of a routine.  Today I am awaiting a visit from the county to determine if I can be a licensed care provider.  I am finding that stressful.  all of a sudden someone is going to tell me how to do things.  I wouldn’t bother, but my pay will increase by over $100/wk.  That is enough of a reason to get the process going.

To keep up with the counties standards I will have to get into a routine, and stick with it.  I am trying to figure out how that is going to work.

In addition to my new found job, I was officially accredited with the La Leche League yesterday.  It was four months of studying and such, but I got through it (very quickly to boot!)  I am really excited to be able to help women with breastfeeding.



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