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Long time, no post. January 7, 2009

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I can’t say that in the absence of my posts that there has been anything too interesting going on.  It has just been a steady stream of stuff.

I became lisenced in our county to be a home childcare provider to help ends meet.  It was both a long and extensive process that is finally starting to pay off.

Songbirdy taught me to knit, and in the process created a monster.  I have knit two pairs of longies, a baby sweater, and working on slippers.  I have discovered that it is a great way to spend time, and to have something to show for it!

With the New Year I have identified a few major areas that I feel I need to address.

1)Daily time with God – Plan I have a Chronological Bible in One Year that I am reading everyday. So far, with the support of my husband I have been able to set aside that time.

2)To be more present and in control of the house.  This is a tricky one.  I have gone through moments of realizing that I am detached from my family, and not in control of what was happening in the house.  To this end, as I had an absence of a health care professional,  I weaned myself off the anti-depressants that I was on.  Typically I would not recommend adjusting meds without a Dr, but I also didn’t have a Dr to say that I didn’t need them anymore (I was being treated for PPD)  I found that I was watching things happening around me, and feeling like it was a movie that I couldn’t interact with.  That hasn’t completely dissapeared, but it is improving.  I am able to see when it is happening, and act purposefully in that moment.

3)To do SOMETHING about my weight issue.  This is a matter of discipline, for the most part.  The discipline concerning food, and the discipline to exercise.  Knitting is helping with this – as you can’t snack and knit at the same time.  Exercise?  I know that I have Wii Fit as a tool, but I have not got the issue of time worked out.  That is something that I am hoping to figure out as I get more grounded in the things around me.

4)Finally I want to look critically at the commitments we have as a family, and work to bring things in line with the boundaries that Kevin and I are putting in place.   This year we want to be successful in our goals, and for that – we need to be realistic, and in charge.

Well, that is an update on us.  Let me know what your all have planned for the new year!



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