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It Only Took Three Years January 12, 2009

Posted by dreamom in family, Goals, Home, Life.

About 4 years ago, I got a “Little Green Machine” from Air Miles.  About 3 years ago I lent it to my sister, and subsiquently my father, and by the time the little machine arrived home, it failed to work properly.  It would no longer squirt out water, rendering it… not quite useless, but close.  When we moved to a new city, we trucked it along, as I had hopes of giving it a thorough cleaning, and returning it to an operational state.  Today was that day.

I went to the basement after getting the kidlets tucked into their beds, and began work on the Little Linty Machine.  I rinsed the out side, removing scads of dust and lint, I cleaned out the output, and input tanks.  Then I set to work on the hose.  I tried running pure vinegar through it to no avail.  My husband dug into the depths of the basement and produced a screwdriver.  Sure enough – when we had exposed the delivery hose, we found that the hose was jammed full of calcium and soap scum.  After an intensive operation which resulted in vinegar in Kevin’s mouth (blowing it through the hose), and my eyes and nose, as I undertook the delicate operation to release the crud – I am proud to say that I was successful in restoring the Little Green to an operative state.  Just in time to use on some soupy poop.  Now here we go to clean it again!



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