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Seasons January 19, 2009

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When it comes to seasons, everyone knows what season I don’t like.  Winter.  Much to some people’s surprise I don’t dislike EVERYHTING about winter, but the things I do dislike, I REALLY dislike.

For some reason winter seems to be the longest season.  On the calendar I believe that the time it takes up is similar, but by the time you factor in the weather, it can be almost half the year!  (In Canada, anyway…)  I find the weather almost unbearable.  It is cold (and in this part of Canada often damp), The days are shorter (which is the opposite any wife of a full-time employee and student, and mother of 3 needs!), there is more wind – thusly wind chill, there is ice everywhere – making going outside treacherous.  The sky is always greyer, and the snow just ends up as a soupy, gross, dirty slush in with efforts to make the roads passable.

Of course there is always the joy of trying to convey oneself through the snow in those desperate situations when it cannot be avoided, and falling as your feet hits the slippery ice, or your ankle gives out when placed imbalanced on a hard chunk of snow, beneath the unassuming fluffy layer.

As a mother I find the winter excruciating because I can’t even attempt to enjoy it.  Gearing up to this winter I was trying to find a winter sport that I could participate in to help me enjoy it more.  Those efforts were dashed by a lack of finances, and the time to do it.  I had thought I was going to try cross country skiing.  Instead I can’t figure out why I ever thought that was possible.  I can’t even get the kids outside everyday.  It is impossible to get two babies, one preschooler, and oneself ready to go out to the blustery weather without people getting sweaty, and then cold.  It just can’t be done.  Add to that the fact that there are few winter sports which can accommodate carrying a multitude of babies, or pushing a stroller.

Surprisingly I DO find winter to be very pretty.  I love seeing the little mounds of snow balancing precariously on any and all flat surfaces.  I love watching the big snowflakes float weightlessly through the air during the ‘perfect’ kind of snow storm.  Call me a child at heart if you wish, but I also love snow days.  Mostly because it is the only time when the rest of the world seems to agree that although it might be nice to look at, one should not venture out into such weather.

So what do you do when the majority of your year is taken up with a season that you don’t appreciate?

When discussing seasons, it is also common to refer to ‘a period of time in their life’.  My DH and I have been going through a very long and bleak ‘winter’ in our lives as well.  The past several years and in fact, most of our time together, has been a period of waiting.  We have been living on very limited means, watching people getting ahead, and wishing that our lives would turn around, and we could realise some of our dreams for us as a couple and a family.

Finally my husband is finishing up school, and there are jobs being interviewed for.  On one hand I am exhilarated that things are about to change.  Where the trouble lays is that I am so eager to move beyond our current season, that I start trying to jump into the next season, without seeing the current season through to the end.

Every season, the good and the bad, have a pupose.  Sometimes you are to learn something, and sometimes to just enjoy it.  Either way, by leaping ahead to the next season before you get there, you cheat yourself out of the full experience.

Although it looks like our season of hardship is coming to a close, I need to remember that I need to wait on the Lords timing, and wait for a more prosperous season to begin.  By rushing in before God has delivered us into the new season, we rush God, and risk not taking away from it what He meant for us.  Likewise, by trying to hurry into spring I will miss out on the parts of winter that I do enjoy, making it seem all the more bleak.



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