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Merry-Go-Round January 27, 2009

Posted by dreamom in family, Goals, Happiness, Home, Life.

About a year after the fiasco about Winkler – Kevin has been offered, properly offered a job in Manitoba.  This time it is Dupont, and the town is Carman, but they are so close that Winkler is the closest Lablaws, Walmart kinda town.

I am excited.  After several years of the student life, and ther reams of failed attempts to find jobs locally, Kevin and I are both ready to move on.  It is not without challenges, of course.  First of all is the fact that this moves Kyle further away from his Dad.  Although this is not our first choice, it is manageable.  Already his Dad lives in Montreal, so it is not a matter of him slipping around the block to see him now.  On the other hand, we are able to take advantage of some of his Dad’s business trips to sneak in a visit.  The challenge that Winkler will present is that the visits will have to be more planned.

The kids are another challenge.  It is hard for kids to see how a move will affect them, and as such cause them concern.  The key is that this move is going to give them an opprotunity to see a part of Canada in a context that they might not see other parts.  We will get to meet people, experience living in one of the prarie provinces, and widen our base of experience.

I need to run!  Much packing needs to be done…



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