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Lazyness vs busyness February 22, 2009

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by Songbirdy

4 Lazy hands make for poverty,
but diligent hands bring wealth.
Proverbs 10:4, TNIV

Okay, so here’s how my mind works. I read something. It sparks thoughts. This passage is one of the passages from my Morning Devotions.

My first thought, I’m busy and yet I feel lazy. Can busy and lazy co-exist?

Look at my house. Look at my laundry. [FYI: Laundry is my Achilles heel… to the point I’m actually considering having it done by those pay by the pound laundry mats].

Are so many of us who are busy actually using this to justify laziness? Is our societies economic downturn due to rampant laziness?

Were our grand and great-grand parents diligent with their hands and therefore our nations earned great wealth?

Did all these labour saving devices end up promoting business and not diligence?

What does history have to speak to this question?

Isn’t it interesting that the passage pairs Lazy with Diligence and NOT Busy?

So there… now you have the questions I asked of myself. Come back and I’ll share my conclusions. I’d love if you’d write down your thoughts. If you feel you have a blog worthy response you can blog on your blog and let me know and I’ll link.

I think that lazyness and busyness can definitely co-exist and exacerbate the other.

Lazy people are rarely what we would picture.  They don’t just lie despondently hoping that they will skirt the opportunity to do something…  Instead they are busy.  Doing what?  I don’t know – the internet comes to mind, although I hate to admit it…   Knowing that lazy people do physically do things we need to consider what things merit lazyness, and what merits dilegence, as the quote refers too.

I know that when I feel lazy it is less about not moving, but rather about taking the path of least resistance.  Sometimes that path is going out and doing charity work, instead of staying in and tackling that pile of laundry, dishes, or any other vice that you personally deal with.

One of the definitions in Webster’s Dictionary for “Lazy” is “not rigorous or strict”.  I am definitely lazy in this way from time to time.  Sometimes I pride myself on my flexibility!  It can be great when I want to fit more in a day than can be actually accomplished, but the pile of laundry (I am not picking on Songbirdy, but rather share this stumbling block!) speaks for itself.  When I am too lazy to do the laundry I will make a commitment to do a meeting at the church (Who could argue with that!), etc.

When I first met Songbirdy I needed help finding my way out of my clutter, and in true flybaby fashion she came and we tackled it together.  That cemented a friendship tied together by a common weakness for clutter (although she was further along at being released from that…), and other commonalities in our life views and faiths.  During this past summer there was a shift on our friendship, and instead of counting on one hand the times we wouldn’t see each other in a month, we can now count the times that we do.  This was a hard shift for me, as she decided that her home needed her attention, and that she needed to set new boundaries.  I now see why she did that, and indeed, am trying to do that myself, and as much as I would love to visit friends, go to preschool coops, join church committees, do charity work in the community, etc – I need to realize that I both committed, but also strive to be a homemaker, home educator, wife, mother, etc.  If I am to be diligent in those things I need to place my priority with those roles, and my role in commitees, and other groups will have to be second in line.

For me this means that I need to find a replacement for me in the Toddler ministry, and if that doesn’t happen in short order, than I need to leave that empty – even if it is church.  I need to drop a lot of my LLL duties – even if I do enjoy the time out of the house, working with Moms and babies toward positive breastfeeding relationships.  These things are all good things, but my first priority is the husband and children that God entrusted to me.  To that end I need to keep up the house, and prepare the family for a move to a house that we need to find.  Sometimes the costs of falling into a busy lazyness are not this high, but it is still that important.

First I am a child of God.  This means that I spend time with him in prayer, and I spend time with him in his word.  It means that I need to put everything else I do in this frame of  “Does this fit with what God has called me to?”

Second I am a wife.  This means that my husband both needs and deserves my attention.  I need to spend time with him, and us together in prayer.

Third I am a mother.  This means that my children deserve me and my time, and that they need me to be an example, a provider (of food, rest, safety, …).  They need to spend time with both my husband and I in prayer.

Fourthly I am a homemaker. This means that my house deserves my time and attention, and that I need to cloak it in prayer – even the laundry…

One common thread is prayer.  As a Christian I do not need to attack the question of where my priorities are alone.  If I pray about the things that are pulling on me (wife, mother, homemaker, Sunday school teacher, LLL Leader, …) God will help me make the decisions of what I can and can’t do.  He will help me set my priorities.  He will walk me through the tough decisions about the things I must do because they are important to the roles that I have in my life.  He will walk me through the things that I need to do even if I really don’t want to, and I would rather be at a meeting, or play date.  He will guide me to the things that I can accentuate my life with, that will still allow me to fulfill my roles.

I feel like I am lazy when I neglect the things that are my responsibility, or when I am busy at the expense of the things that are my responsibility.  This is a hard pill for me to swallow, because right now there are a lot of things taking up my attention and energy that are going to make poverty!

Things brings to mind one other aspect that I would like to comment on.  Although the verse uses words like “poverty” and “wealth”, is God actually telling us how to become rich!?  Maybe – but could he be talkiing about more than money (yes – there is more than money!)?  Very likely.  There is wealth and poverty to be had in character, spirit, etc…  I have great poverty of character when I am so busy volunteering to charitees, but my house is a health hazard.  I have great poverty in spirit when I am busy with family events, and I am not diligent with my relationship with God.  Maybe putting a bunch of hours into a job is bringing you money wealth, but is it bringing poverty to other aspects of your life?  Where do those things fit into the list of roles by priority, after consulting God?  You will know what kind of wealth God is trying to build in you.

I think that is all I have right now… It is 4:30am, and my opportunity to sleep, and prepare for the day ahead is becoming short!  As you can see I also have a long way to go with this!



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