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Adventures in Photocopying February 23, 2009

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Part of my lingering role as the coordinator of the Toddler ministry – I had to photocopy the upcoming lessons to distribute to the teachers.  Today was a PD Day.  Never again.

I got to the church, and Jordan was clingy, and the other two were rangy.  I set up camp near the photocopier and tried to organize the 2-2 sided, 2-1 sided, and the one side only’s.  All this with the Kids running laps and screaming all over the church – while the Pastor tried to set up for the annual meeting tonight, and the secretary tried to do secretary things, the cleaner trying to clean, and the youth pastor doing phone calls.  I tried to keep them herded in the nursery, but this was difficult because Jordan didn’t want to be there, and I couldn’t really tell what the other two were doing.

About two hours later we left with whatever I had been able to accomplish, having tried to at least tidy up after ourselves.  This included Jordan emptying dirt out of a potted tree thing outside of the secretary’s office…

On the up side – this is the last time I will be doing this job!



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