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Oh Cana-Crap! July 3, 2009

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After much debate, and the usual slow start that any excursion is usually a victim of, we decided to go to FortWhyte Alive for the day. Upon arriving I suggested that Libby should be promptly removed from her carseat, as she slept the whole way, and was bound to have an accident on the seat that we just finished washing that VERY morning. I bee-lined for the washroom myself, as most women who have borne children can identify with – the more you have had – the more you identify… Upon leaving the washroom I was greeted at the reception desk by my DH – children in tow. Assuming all was well I prepared to get in line – at which point Kevin diverted me and explained that Libby did not make it out of her seat on time – clothes and seat were goners. Not a total surprise. Then he adds that Jordan’s diaper ‘malfunctioned’ and his seat and clothes were also goners. The diaper bag was not prepared for a disaster of this magnitude. With hopes of returning ASAP we headed off on a quick detour to re-outfit our children.

Now in situations like this I am apt to beeline for a second hand store, and have indeed found some nice clothes that way… In this situation we needed some girls underwear, and that my friends, I do not buy used… It is bad enough that said clothes don’t get washed… Due to this extreme situation, and my poor knowledge of the Peg, and its thrift stores – we opted for Old Navy. Arriving at the store our hearts soared as posters advertised 60% off “Summer Essentials”, and that is what we had come for!

While Kevin unbuckled, undressed, and attempted to cover the freshly soiled seats – I ran into the store for my presumably quick errand. I headed straight for the back, as any Old Navy has all younger kids clothes along the back. I reached the girls section, and it was practically bare. Sparsely loaded rods bordered an empty space devoid of the usual shelving. I found some girls ‘summer essentials’, at least that is what I would have classed casual sundresses as, and much to my dismay they were full price. I decided that I would keep looking, and return if necessary to dig deeper – although I was skeptical that one could dig deeper in a large rack with only a handful of things hanging on it.

In the toddler boys section I rather quickly procured a Hawaiian shirt and coordinating shorts – giving me an outfit for him for $10. Mission one – complete.

I move to the section of girls underwear, and get that relatively simple task accomplished. I then wade/climb to the middle of the store – where all the furniture has been placed haphazardly while the store is obviously being re-lined. After much digging through clothes ranging from infant boys to size 14 girls I drag out a coral knit sundress – marked down from $21.50 to $13.99. Certainly NOT the advertised 60% (grr) I snatch it up before one of the other 12 or so people also digging through the same pile does. With a certain level of frustration I head for the check-out, certain that Kevin will be getting antsy (and rightly so). Once in line I had the good fortune to stand directly behind a family where a large burly husband was standing with nothing in hand, the wife was standing holding so much she could barely see over the pile, and a rather chunky, pre-burly kid of maybe 8 yrs thought that the line was the perfect place to play football with the said burly husband.

Normally in such a situation I, in a self-assured manner, will politely request that they ‘cease and desist’ so as to allow us fellow shoppers to feel as though we won’t get trampled. In this specific situation I decided against it as the wife was pleading with them to stop, identifying all the concerns I had thought of (hurt someone, knock things over, bother other people, …) Somehow I thought that my weighing in wasn’t going to result in any action, which was confirmed when the kid nearly whipped the ball at my head (he had wretched aim to boot!) and the Dad was totally unaffected. I managed to dodge being knocked down a couple of times before they made it to a cash and out of the line. At that point I was happy to wait – although that is when a not happy Kevin appeared in the store carrying Jordan with a diaper, and sans clothes on one arm, and dragging a clothed Libby with the other. Noticing that I was heading for the cash – Kevin retreated, and I paid and left PRONTO.

Out at the truck it was clear why Kevin had come searching. Libby was sick of waiting confined in the truck, and Jordan was dodging Kevin while chewing on my phone… Between the two of us we managed to get the kids redressed and re-buckled, and plotted out our next move. As it was now 2pm, and we had yet to have lunch (planned for the cafe at FortWhyte), so we opted for McDonalds Drive-Thru instead as it was closest. During this side trip it became obvious that we were not going to get our moneys worth out of our day trip, and we should plan B. Before leaving the city we delivered a letter for our landlords, and decided that we would hit some geocaches on the way home.

Now – the whole day I was getting frustrated as the geocache App on my phone was not working all day, nor was accessing the site from Safari. Kevin had some loaded in his GPS, so we decided that we would hit some caches around Carman on the way home. By the time we were almost there it was evident that my poor bladder was at capacity – AGAIN. Kevin decided that we would slip into the research station for a washroom break before getting any caches. Now in the process of doing this we travelled down some – if not ALL the dirt/gravel roads in the municipality. By the time I got to the station I was beyond desperate, and my mood had certainly not improved…

After a much needed rest stop I was feeling better and we hit a cache that was near the station. After an extensive, yet successful search I was feeling better (as geocaching will do). Aside from the fact that by this point I should have had supper on for 40 min already (so it was moved to tomorrow…), Jordan had yet ANOTHER diaper malfunction (an issue that the manufacturer has been in the process of addressing), so we were heading home. Straight home. As we realized that we were going to drive by another cache, we decided just ONE more – which was quick and easy.

This found us at home – leftovers being reheated, and my A) wishing that we hadn’t wasted the gas going the city, but that we had just stayed here and geocached instead, and B) vowing to pack a suitcase for our next day trip to Winnipeg.

And THAT was OUR Canada Day.



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