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This is Canada Day, right? July 3, 2009

Posted by dreamom in family, Happiness, Home, Life.

Okay.  So although it kind of sucked that Kevin had to work Canada Day, and we missed the Canada Day Beach Blast – today is about making up for it.  What is the benefit of having Canada Day on a not Canada Day?  Everything it open.  There is no limits to what we can do to have some serious family fun.  Alright, alright – no limits is a stretch…  There is the issue of money – that is a limit.  Time is a limit – it DOES have to fit into a day…

So.  What is on the radar?  #1 is geocaching – it is cheap, fun (as long as you steer clear of the mosquitoes), and the kids do enjoy a ‘treasure hunt’…  We might just spatter that in anyway…  #2 is visiting FortWhyte Alive.  It looks like a really great place to go, and learn and enjoy various aspects of Manitoba nature.  This is near the top of the list – although it is not the best time for us to spend the money on it…  We’ll see…  #3 would be yard work.  I have a garden that is DESPERATE for weeding, a lawn that is desperate for weeding – to make room for the grass… I don’t know if that is fun though – assuming that we want to have fun…  #4  The ever present housework.  Laundry to fold, clutter to put away – er I mean throw out, cleaning to do, unpacking to do…  I feel (and so far have not been disappointed) that it will be there tomorrow – or the day after that, or the one after that…  in fact I HAVE been disappointed when it WAS still there!  lol!  I can safely say that since the sun is shining, and it is a BEEEautiful warm day – #4 is out.  Maybe we will blend the rest – who knows…  Stay tuned!



1. Julie - July 3, 2009

We usually try to go to the fort whyte centre in the fall. All the geese land there every night to spend the night on their trip south. It is like clock work when they land and very cool to see. It is often closer to Thanksgiving when we go and you have to dress warm and bring mitts as it does get a tad bit chilly . . . at least you don’t have to worry about the bugs eating you so much though.

Glad you had fun geocaching. We just got a garmin 265WT, I should see if we can use it for geocaching as well. We’ve done it with friends and I think the kids would love doing it.

dreamom - July 3, 2009

As long as it gives you coordinates you should be able to do it. You might just have to do it more manually… We are thinking about getting a family pass – it would pay for itself in 4 visits over a year… What do you think?

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