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Down to Business July 28, 2009

Posted by dreamom in family, Home, Homeschooling, Life, Parenting.

Before the end of school Kyle’s teacher from this past year, and this coming year sat down and went over where he was at.  Turns out in the transition from Ontario to Manitoba he missed out on some cursive writing, and numeracy.  Since he left school a bit early to visit his Dad, and came back half way through July I decided that we would start in earnest in August.  I am a bit early, but it seemed like the time was right.  So today is our big day.  He is working on Addition – with a constant prod to keep motivated.  Also on the plan today is Music (he is also supposed to practice the recorder this summer), and doing a journal entry for today.  I ordered his cursive book a week ago, and am hoping that it will be in anytime.  It is the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, and is a fantastic way to teach printing and writing…

Libby is only four so the pressure is never on to push the ‘schooling’, but she is lamenting about how she has all these books that she can’t read, and will explain to Jordan (sorrowfully) that she would like to read to him, but can’t.  She is really anxious to get going, so away we go.  The plan for her today is doing some printing (Kumon, until the HWT book for her comes), a Kumon Cutting book – to work on fine motor, and a bit of phonics.  She too will do a journal entry (as they all will every day) – with the hope being that the writing will increase to eventually match the picture.

Because no one likes to be left out Jordan has some Kumon books on folding, and cutting to do, as well as making a picture for his ‘journal’.  With him it is less about learning the basics, and more about learning the routine.

In the coming days I hope to find our Children’s Bible – we typically would read a story from it, and have the kids retell it, or do a picture about the story.  It has been missing since the move, and gradually I hope to re-establish the routine that we had started last summer in Guelph.

That along with a trip to the park should make for a pretty full day.  The only thing that will derail it now is that it is 10 am and Kyle is already showing signs of needing a nap…



1. Songbirdy - July 28, 2009

Have fun with school! 🙂 If you aren’t you’ve done enough for the day 🙂 !

dreamom - July 28, 2009

It didn’t last too long – but it was the first day. I am happy that Libby is free to go at her pace, although Kyle will have to work a bit harder to get to where he should be for September…

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