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Hello Blog. Did you miss me? July 1, 2010

Posted by dreamom in Uncategorized.

Og gosh.  Brittany is echoing through my mind with her ditty “Oops, I did it again”, although in all fairness when it comes to me and my writing it is more like “Oops, I didn’t do it again”.  As in writing that is.

There has just been too much happening here to recount and catch up my throngs of followers on (note sarcasm, empty, echoing void of the internet…).  In short there are moves, and broken bones, and disappointments aplenty.  In all fairness there have been some high points too, although they are hard to see from where I am right now.  The long and short of it is that I am facing a move that will span 2 months minimum, and the interm will see us without our stuff.  I am trying to get things organized in a way that I won’t miss it, but I am feeling like that is unlikely.  It will be interesting to see how much I want back once we get settled.

What’s in the cards for this month?  Finding a place to live in Ontario, Kevin finding work for the winter, and getting the kids into routine of schooling on the go.  Routine might just become my favourite word.

I have made a lofty plan for the day to see if I navigate it more gracefully, so I must run.  Later Gater.  See you after my day.



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