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Hello. Did you miss me? Hello? Hello? HELLO!!! Nope. No one here. October 10, 2010

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We just got back from the in-laws where we stuffed ourselves with a turkey dinner, and we finished off the day with a supper of pie and coffee.  Yup.  This is Thanksgiving in Canada – and I have not written in over three months if my math is correct – which it might not be, but who cares.

We had a good last few months in Manitoba, trying to make the most of visiting friends, and doing the things that we might have wanted to do after we left.  When I get to sorting out my pictures from the last few months I will try to post on the events.

Things were stressful there for a bit while we debated where we were going to live.  We pondered a bunch of communities, but settled on the metropolis of St. Marys Ontario.  Yup.  You read that right.  No ‘.  There should be I think, but then I didn’t name the place.  Also – don’t call it quaint.  They don’t like that here.  It has most of what you need, as long as you don’t need clothes or shoes, as pointed out by my MIL.  Good point.  There is a nice independent bookstore, restaurants, coffee shop, craft stores, hardware, and pet shops.  Really it is just missing the clothes and shoes.  Hopefully some enthusiastic entrepreneur will read this and decide they want to open a shop for clothes and shoes, and that St. Marys is the perfect place to do it.

The house we are in is a big old farmhouse with lots of rooms and space.  It will be nicer once the painting and unpacking is done, but it is nice to have our own place.  The in-laws (who are now about 10 minutes away) were instrumental in finding this place.  They did a fabulous job!  The landlord is great, and is a solid guy – working himself to the bone to make things right.  There has been lots of opportunity for it too.  Turns out a bunch of wasps found their way into the walls and built themselves a big old nest, and it was a good week long job killing the wasps, getting rid of the nest, sealing their entry point, and fixing the wall.  We are hoping to paint in there this week, and be able to use that room!  The yard is great for the kids and the dog.  Yup.  You heard it.  We got a dog.  Gluttons for punishment.  What can I say?  Lastly I have a clothes line.  I have waited for 6 years for a good clothes line, and this is it.  I wish we could stay here forever, but I will be happy to stay until we can save up and buy a place.  We are praying that Kevin can keep getting work in the area so that we and the kids can just stop moving.  This one really did us in.

Well, it’s been a slice, but I have to run.  I came on to send an email to the BIL, and got distracted.  Hi again though.  🙂



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