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Never. Moving. Again. October 11, 2010

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This whole moving out west saga has really done a number on me.  When we found out about the job, and started to plan to move out there I was very hopeful, and even thought that we would commit to live there permanently.  We got out there, and although there were some good times (such as Micah’s birth), it didn’t make up for the bad.  The isolation.  The constant fight to break into what is a very closed social community.  They (westerners) get all uppity about Toronto thinking they are the centre of the universe – but in turn they are about as friendly as…  Aw – forget it.  Needless to say we didn’t fit.  Sure some close friends wanted us to stay, but there just was not enough support.  Add on the issues we had with our landlord, and we couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

After being thrust out of our place a mere 2 months before we were to move to Ontario (so the house could sit empty) we stayed short-term in a small two bedroom place with borrowed furniture and house wares.  Before moving there – since we only had 5 weeks notice, we hired the moving company to pack for us too.  That was possibly one of the worst decisions of the entire fiasco.  They came.  They complained that we had a lot of stuff.  Broke a few things, and left.  Now – almost 3 months later I STILL can’t find my vacuum cleaner hose.  SERIOUSLY!  Why wasn’t it attached to the vacuum!?  A mystery for the ages at this point I dare say…

I also didn’t shop around for movers on the move back.  I was happy with the previous move, so felt that it was an easy decision to use them again.  Nope.  First, their packers were awful, and when they delivered our things here, they could not leave fast enough.  Secondly, last time they replaced the mirrors and such that were taken off for the move, and this time – nothing.  We could barely get them to help put the beds together.  A full two weeks later, and I am still not able to sleep in my own bed, and the house is full of boxes.  With four kids jumping around it is not POSSIBLE to get things done on my own – Kevin is away at work all day, his parents work during the week, and my Dad is in Europe, and my mom is at home – recuperating from helping us last week.  To say I feel hopeless about this, is an understatement.

I am tired.  I am sore.  I am tired of digging through boxes for everything.  I am tired of transitioning.  I am tired of packing, and boxes, and trying to fit in with new social circles.

Sorry about the whine.  I am off to find some cheese…



1. ladysown - July 29, 2011

hey sarah… you sounded very frustrated here…..(nets)

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