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Ugh. October 12, 2010

Posted by dreamom in Uncategorized.

I don’t write in the afternoon much.  If you were here you would see why.  10 yr old running away from homework, 5 yr swinging around the living room, 3 yr old raiding the fridge, and the 10 month old – he is doing what he has done ALL day.  Cry.  Whine.  Scream.  Chalk it up to the joys of teething – since he is typically a fairly happy guy.

Today hasn’t been good.  I ditched the dog outside to wait for Kevin to get home.  After prying toys from her mouth, being yanked around by her on the way to get Kyle off the bus, I needed a time out.  The kids have had a bad day, and we couldn’t get out because we were waiting for the phone company to come and repair the line.  They did – that was good…

All I want is for Kevin to walk through the door so I can sneak off and have a nap.  I had plans to make supper – Roast chicken…  Not now.  That has been postponed until further notice.  I thought I might be able to throw together Mac ‘n Cheese.  Nope.  If Kevin walks through the door NOW – I might survive…

So much for that pipe dream.



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