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Getting Down To Business October 18, 2010

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As you can tell by the throngs of people who visit, never mind follow my blog (trust me – your it), this is not a super popular blog.  Why should it be, really?  My commitment to write has been sporadic at best, and to be honest I have done little to increase my readership, short of whining to the empty void of the internet.

Okay, I USED to have it linked to my Facebook – but decided that I might not want people I know reading EVERY post.  So I quit that.  If my Facebook people didn’t hunt me out, they think I just didn’t post at all.  I have never referred it on Twitter – I guess I feel like maybe it doesn’t measure up to those that I read from the Twitter crowd.  From “Natural Mom Loves Prada” to “The Feminist Breeder“, there are some REALLY good blogs out there, who have important things to say, and in a great way (I still love the TFB entry that broke the internet – who doesn’t!)

Long and short of it is I have not spent time dedicated to writing.  I have not put in the work to make mine a blog that people seek out.  Why am I going on about this?  I was looking at signing up for getting free stuff from a company for reviewing their stuff – who wouldn’t like stuff.  In the process of signing up it asks what your blog is about.  EEK!  Looking back, large spans are about… nothing.  There is nothing there.  No entries, or one that sucks – sure there are a few gems, but not many…

Finally I decided that I need to not sign up.  I need to spend some time working on writing more often, and increasing the quality of the writing.  I need my blog to say something about me, other than I am flighty (because I don’t think I am).  So.  My gentle Reader(s).  I am going to try to start writing more, and am going to work on making it mean something.



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