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Oooohhhhh. Now I get it… November 3, 2010

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There was a time that my idea of being green was putting on a green shirt.  Oh!  You meant environmentally friendly?  Um….  I knew about recycling, but hated the idea of SORTING my GARBAGE.  Then I moved to a town, and became friends with granola types.  You know the ones…  Recycle everything, only buy organic, from there the spectrum widens out, and it is a bottomless definition.  One of my friends stopped eating meat becasue it isn’t a ‘green’ food.  One lived in a yurt – got water from rain and the river, and lived without things like hydro, and other modern conveniences.  One tended to be involved in all those ‘grassroots’ groups that granola’s tend toward.

So how far down the rabbit hole am I?  Well – much like my homeschooling method, I am…  Eclectic.  I am big on natural birth, and infant feeding, homeschooling, organic unprocessed food, recycling, composting, reducing, reusing, fair trade…  Most recently I have learned more about natural medicine, and about the evils of all things plastic, and been trying to eradicate it from the house.

About six months ago I read a friends post about not being able to sustain the lifestyle of a granola.  At the time I thought “What!  She is abandoning a crunchy lifestyle!”  Okay, so she wasn’t the one that was living ‘off the grid’, but she was surrounded by granola’s, and seemed to think that most things were a good idea.  This friend is (not to offend any other friends I have but…) is one of the most practical people I know.  Although I can’t adopt everything she does (mostly because that would be irritating 😉 ) she is ONE friend I would like to be more like.  She is practical, positive, and has been nothing but a blessing to my life.  In addition to appreciating a similar lifestyle, she is Christian, and she is a flybaby.  I read this post, and I couldn’t see it, and wondered how this would play out.

Since this post that she wrote, I can honestly say that I have not seen her – between us having lived in another province when she came to this realization, and having not been able to catch up with her since moving back, I am not sure how this new philosophy translates into her lifestyle.  What I know is that this family invested a lot into bicycles for the bulk of their transportation (another way I would LOVE to emulate her…).  Have they tossed the bikes out for driving the family van everywhere?  Nope.  I don’t know for certain what didn’t make the cut, but here is what I do know…

She made the decision to cut the crunchiness for practical reasons.  She has not changed who she is (from our Facebook, Twitter, and blog connections).  Exercise, and biking is still important.  Kids are still important.  Their education, happiness, and character development is still important.  Yup.  She hasn’t changed.

After the last move where the ‘company paid for everything’ and I realized that it is somehow still REALLY expensive.  Add to that the expense of trying to live green, and we were clearly buckling under the pressure.  Trying to replace all the plastic, and replace things with ‘greener’ alternatives – we couldn’t do it.  Not on my husbands pay, and not with the end of his contract looming over our heads.

Oooohhhhh.  Now I get it…  Are the things I want to do noble?  I think so.  Are they all doable?  No.  Somewhere you have to draw your line in the sand, and say “This is what I can do.”  For us that means that we will be storing food, and other stuff in plastic.  It means that I will buy the best food I can with the money I have.  It means not throwing the baby out with the bath water.  I think my blogging friend would be proud.  Well.  Really I expect her to say ‘It’s about time!’  Now I will spend the next few months figurng out what this realization DOES look like for our family.

Recently I have had the opportunity to become friends with a person online who is the poster child for the dark side of activism, among other things that she never asked to be a part of.  It has made it clear to me that bandwagons can leave a lot of destruction and carnage in their path, and we need to consider that when deciding which ones to be a part of.  I am sleeping better at night knowing that I am moderating myself a lot more closely.

Birdy!  Wait up!  I’m jumping off too!



1. Songbirfy - November 3, 2010

LOL, you silly goof ;). But you’re right on the button. I realised that ti be truly green I had to live with what I had and make reasonable choices with what I did in the future.

So, in the case of no-poo-ing: I hated it, it didn’t work, I felt dirty. Same with family clothes. So I now buy shampoo and try to make sure that I buy the type to make the least environmental difference. I buy recycled, no chemical processed toilet papers.

Re the cycling: we took the map of Guelph and anything under 2.5 km is self-transport (kids school is 2.6 km). 2.5 km-5km is cycling if at all possible. Vehicle use is allowed, but we want to pause and jusatify it.

Like you said, keep the baby, throw out the bath water! Green living has to be sustainable. And life was meant to be a joyful celebration. 🙂

dreamom - November 3, 2010

Okay. I can’t reduce my tp. Charmin all the way here. I don’t love the planet THAT much! LOL

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