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Snow Day! January 7, 2014

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When I was growing up in rural southwestern Ontario, just on the southern edge of the snow belt, there were few more highly anticipated days than the snow day.  With Monkey Man attending school, the tradition of hoping for snow days every time there is a flake in the sky has been passed on.  This winter he got more than he could have hoped for.  Just as the Christmas break was ending a blizzard hit, we only narrowly got home from visiting family before it really settled in.  On what was to be his first day back the school after the two week and one day holiday, the first of the snow days was announced.  Oh the rejoicing!  It was CERTAINLY a snow day.  The snow fell and blew, and the temperatures plummeted.  All the snow day fun was indoors this time!  Having gone to bed, and feeling more ready, perhaps, to go to school today – We got the message “Jan. 7, 2014 – ALL buses have been canceled and ALL schools are closed due to drifting snow, high winds, road closures and extreme cold.”

Growing up this was like the impossible dream!  To have TWO snow days sandwiched up with Christmas break!  Again – it was an indoor day, as the temperature with windchill was -40C.  In fact it was a snow day for everyone, as all the roads in the county were closed.  That was not as fun for the adults.  We are getting low on groceries, and the Husband is more than antsy to be at work doing work things.

For the first time ever, that I am aware, I do believe Monkey Man went to bed hoping to get to school tomorrow, and the Husband is gathering up things to be ready to head out in the morning for the conference for work that he so desperately wants to be at.  As much as I applaud their optimism, I fear it will be for naught as the county road department tweeted



No.  I don’t think the roads will be open when the Husband has to leave at 6am, and I don’t think the roads will be open when the school is making the call at 6:30am, and I think we have at least one more day of family togetherness before things get back to normal.

Look for more thrilling adventures tomorrow, if the snow day pans out, while we ‘take down the Christmas Tree’.  Expect the cabin fever to play a major role.  🙂



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