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One of Those Days January 9, 2014

Posted by dreamom in Uncategorized.

You know the days when you are out on your own with 5 kids and people stop you to say how wonderful the children are, and how wonderfully behaved they are?  This was not one of those days.  Today was one of THESE days…


Now – there was certainly some mess there before the untimely arrival of the tree in the middle of the living room.  This was a result of none other than Wild Man (who else?) attempting to turn on the Christmas lights that he has been told over and over and over, and over to leave alone.  Sadly one of the casualties was Monkey Man’s treasured ornament given to him by his grandmother several years ago.  It was a glass ball with kids playing pond hockey in Canadiens sweaters.  There were more than a few tears over that.

This was after a HORRIBLE day of the kids being wild, and me being unable to cope or keep up with it.  Hardly a surprise.  Sigh. Along with soothing myself with adages that tomorrow can only be better, I am finding that I NEED to find a new, creative way to deal with the wild misbehaviour.  It is not a usual thing, but it is becoming too frequent, and breaking too many hearts.  Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!



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